In the last 30 years, multiple operations have been developed for the treatment of obesity. As a result, patients have had different surgeries which did not have the efficacy of the newer procedures. Also, some surgeries were performed using old methods and techniques in anesthesia and surgery. Consequently, after a period of time, many patients presented with complications. The most common complication is regaining of weight. Dr. Ferrari is one of the most experienced surgeons in Houston performing bariatric surgical revisions.

Many of surgeries can be revised or converted into a more metabolic and effective procedure, but not all the patients are candidates. To determine if revision surgery is necessary or even possible, patients are carefully evaluated using specific tests.

All revision surgeries are performed laparoscopically using minimally invasive techniques.

VBG to RNY (very effective)
VBG to Sleeve (not recommended)
Lap-Band to RNY (very effective for diabetes)
Lap-Band to Sleeve (very effective)
Lap-Band to DS (most effective)
Sleeve to RNY (very good for reflux)
Sleeve to DS (most effective)
RNY to DS (not recommended)
Revision of RNY (possible in select cases)