The LSG is a restrictive and metabolic procedure rapidly gaining in popularity in the US and around the world due to the safety and the lack of significant complications associated with it. The operation involves the removal of the large part of the stomach and converting the remaining part into a long, tubular structure, resembling the shape of a banana. Weight loss is similar to the RNY procedure, but its metabolic effect is milder. Unlike the RNY procedure, there is no malabsorption; therefore, nutritional and vitamin deficiencies are rare. The LSG takes about 1 hour and requires a 24-hour stay in the hospital.

The LSG is a good alternative for patients with diabetes but not as effective as the RNY.

Overall, this is Dr. Ferrariā€™s preferred procedure for most patients, except for patients suffering with severe GERD. Patients with significant reflux symptoms have to be evaluated carefully, because the LSG may worsen those symptoms after surgery.