The Lap-Band is a purely restrictive procedure. A silastic ring is placed around the top of the stomach and is connected to a subcutaneous port. By injecting saline solution into the port, the band can be inflated (or deflated by removing fluid). The degree of restriction can be modified depending on patient tolerance. The absence of a metabolic component produces slow and inconsistent weight loss. The Lap-Band is associated with multiple complications: frequent vomiting, GERD, disphagia (difficulty to swallow), erosions, strictures, dilated esophagus, and slippage of the band. The Lap-Band has become a very unpopular procedure and is being replaced by other more effective operations.

For all these reasons, most experienced bariatric surgeons (including Dr. Ferrari) NO LONGER perform the Lap-Band surgery. Furthermore, the most common revisional surgery I perform is the conversion of the Lap-Band to another procedure.