(Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding)

Sample ImageApproved by the FDA in 2003. Approved by the FDA in 2003. This is a purely restrictive and minimally invasive surgery. A small artificial band is placed on the top of the stomach. This band must be constantly adjusted. This procedure is losing in popularity due to inconsistent weight loss and slow weight loss. The frequent adjustments can become a burden for the patients. For these reason, many experienced bariatric surgeons no longer perform the Lap Band. Furthermore, one of the most common revisions I perform is Lap Band to the failure of the Lap Band. Sample ImageThe advantage of this procedure is the possibility to modify the degree of the restriction according to the needs of each patient. This accomplished by inflating or deflating the band pressure, depending on the patient’s weight loss and tolerance. The weight loss is not as much as that of the lap RNY. The weight loss is slow and requires multiple adjustments. Close follow-up and a good patient compliance are necessary to obtain good results. The operation takes less than 1 hour and requires an over night stay in the hospital and a recovery time of 1 week. It is a good surgical option for high risk patients, low BMI, and patients who place safety above all else.