With nearly 60 bariatric surgeons in the Houston area, choosing one can be a difficult task. Here are some reasons for choosing Dr. Ferrari.

Dr.Ferrari has the most experience of any surgeon in Houston.  He is a board certified surgeon with over 15 years of bariatric experence and has performed approximately 5000 weight loss surgeries.

Dr.Ferrari has unparalleled results. Experience leads to higher success and less complications.  For this reason, Dr.Ferrari has a mortality rate of zero, and his complication rates for all laparoscopic bariatric procedures are well below the national average.

Dr.Ferrari is your partner in weight loss.  He is committed to providing personalized care to each patient.  The process begins with a one on one consultation to discuss the different weight loss procedures.  He will recommend the surgery best suited to maximize results and meet the weight loss needs of each individual patient.  You will never be seen by a Physician assistant and all his Lap-band adjustments are done in-office by him. 

All surgeries, no matter how complex, are performed laparoscopically using advanced, minimally invasive techniques.  This includes complicated revisions of previous weight loss surgeries. 

Dr. Ferrari has an experienced staff proficient in obtaining insurance approvals.  They are patient advocates in the sometimes difficult process of insurance approvals. 

Dr. Ferrari performs all surgeries in a hospital designated Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.